A lot of Force-ful regret

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    O.K..this is the second KNK machine I have owned. Prior was the Max Air 24″…..shoulda kept it but it was a bit too big for our space.

    Bought the Force a month or so ago…biggest mistake and headache I have ever had.


    Why some genius would design a machine that has NO CAPABILITY to communicate via a USB is beyond me.

    Oh sure if the stupid wireless system would work reliably  I would not mind. (talking about via your hme router) But sometimes it communicates and sometimes..most times it does not. Now I am not an idiot when it comes to setting up wireless communications albeit not an IT pro but seriously…this design sucks.


    First off if you finally do get it working great…until next time you try and use it and it won’t communicate. Now what…sure you can just go direct wireless and not through your router but to do that you have to drag the machine back to your router and hook up the ethernet cable and disable wireless via the router…then drag the machine back to your craft room and go that route but now you have no wireless communication from the computer to your internet.

    The entire setup is half thought out…painful….looks like it was designed by a first year intern in IT engineering.

    Worst purchase I ever made..if I could I would toss it in the trash and happily watch it get crushed.

    So KNK…this whole communication idea with the Force is horrid. If and when it works it is ok at best. DO NOT DESIGn another machine that cannot in the very least communicate via a USB period.



    I’m sorry to hear about the connection issues.   If you have an Ethernet port on your computer, maybe try this alternative:





    Already tried that on the initial installation. Did not work.

    The communication is buggy at best. It is not the firewall.

    Again the problem is you do not design a cutter that cannot be hooked up USB direct. That would make it usable in the event of a buggy wifi.


    Pretty much had it with this KNK Farce..which it should be called. Sure if it works for some probably is great but when it does not it is a $700.00 paperweight.


    Done with any KNK products……Support is as buggy as the machine.

    Time to move to REAL machine made by a Real company that knows what it is doing and has real support.

    $700.00 flushed down the toilet. Not making his KNK mistake again.

    I have already steered 3 people away from any KNK products and to machines made to work and by companies that can support them promptly…not WAITING for a ticket to be responded to.



    KNK USA prides itself with excellent customer support. If you have submitted a ticket and not received a response, then please post your Ticket number and I will have KNK USA look it up on Monday. It’s our commitment to help ALL owners be successful owners. Please give us another chance to do that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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