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    I have a Zing and just purchased the stand for it so that I could just use a roll.

    Has anyone used this and if so how are you keeping the material from moving around?

    Unless my stand was missing something, there is noting to help hold the roll in the correct spot so that the material stays square.



    The pinch rollers will keep the vinyl from skewing. However, even if you think you’re loading it perfect straight, there’s a 99% chance it’s at an angle. And then, the longer you cut with a material loaded at a tiny angle, the larger the angle/offset becomes… it’s a mathematical thing.  And I know from my own experience.

    Thus, the vinyl needs to be perfectly straight and there are a few ways to make sure of that. I have the best success with this method:

    (1) Pull through ~ half the length needed for the project.

    (2) Visually align and drop the pinch wheels.

    (3) Place a small piece of tape on the Zing, aligning along the right side of the vinyl.

    (4) Go to the set origin button and beginning using the arrow buttons to feed the vinyl either towards the end of the project or back to the beginning and watch how the vinyl aligns with the tape.

    (5) Once  you can tell the vinyl is beginning to cover the tape at an angle, stop. Lift the pinch wheels and straighten the tape in the opposite direction to the skew. Just make a slight correction, drop the wheels and keep going.

    (6) Keep moving the vinyl back and forth and making corrections, until you can feed the vinyl a long distance with no change.  Then you know it’s straight.

    Another way that works with a stand is to pull the vinyl through and wrap it back under the stand and align with the vinyl coming off the roll and then drop the pinch wheels.  But I would still verify that it’s straight by feeding it in and out of the Zing.

    IMPORTANT:  when cutting from MTC, if you’ve used this method of running the vinyl in and out long distances, you need to get the vinyl back to the start. Then cancel out of the cutting window and then go back in and set the origin.  There’s a bug in MTC that will cause the project not to cut or cut in the wrong place if you’ve used the Up or Down arrow for long distances when setting the origin.




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