Mylar 7.5mil, eat blades?

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    What kinds of shapes are you cutting? I’d like to optimize the settings before you test it out.  The current settings in the UM for KNK’s 7 mil Mylar was done early on before Ron developed techniques to get better getting across the width of materials.  In other words, the settings I entered into the table worked fine for cutting two shapes but not a wide row of shapes. Since then Ron has taught me the importance of the wide rectangle for testing and also for using a lower BT and a higher CD/ED for more consistent cutting.


    Ashly Mellor

    Hi Sandy,

    Okay I put together 7 images to kind of explain why I am losing my mind. Each image gives you the setting as well as a visual of what happened.

    We are just trying to get squares to cut at this point. Any setting strong enough to get a cut through skews with or without the mat guides, they don’t work. So I could get a good picture of how much the mat is skewing I took the guides out, when they are in the mat almost wrinkles.

    Like I said I order your KNK 7mil mylar this morning, if we get that in and it doesn’t cut we will need to be discussing a return at that point because I simply don’t have anymore time to invest into this machine. I like your company and want to support you guys, but I obviously can’t do that at a loss.

    Hopefully these images will give you some insight. Also in-between cuts we are starting to get the red flashing lights of death. This is what we got on our last machine before it fully died, so I am wondering if that is the road we are already on. However our housing is still moving which it didn’t on the last one, so I have some hope.




    As always thank you for your attention to this matter and your continuing information.




    Okay, thanks!  I assume that the lower “SD” in the photos is actully ED?

    I also found some opaque stencil material in my “stash” yesterday. I’ll give it a try to see what settings I need to cut it and if I can get multiples cut without any skewing.  I think it’s actually thicker than 7 mil. I’ll measure it with my caliper before testing.   And, I’ll also cut some of the 7 mil from KNK USA.


    Ashly Mellor

    Yes! Sorry about the Typo was trying to get these to you so you could actually see what was happening.

    SD is first, ED is second.

    My 7mil from KNK is due in on the 2nd.

    It just seems so odd that we will get a clean cut on one side then not even close on the other. I cut FULL sheets of stencils so I need a solid clean cut across an entire sheet.

    Thank you!



    I tested KNK USA’s 7 mil Mylar yesterday. The settings I used with no skewing of the mat and very clean cuts were:

    Red blade, BT = 1.5 (half way between 1 and 2), 3 passes,  SD 90,  ED 270  CS 25

    As I think I’ve mentioned before there can be slight differences in the springs inside the blade holder, so you might need to tweak the SD/ED up a bit if the test cut isn’t clean or down a bit if there are deep cut lines in your mat.  The lines I got were very faint. I cut a 10″ wide x 0.2″ high rectangle that cut clean all the way across. I then cut several asterisks that were 2″ x 2″ and they cut clean with no misaligned passes.

    Let me  know how your testing goes!



    Ashly Mellor

    Hello Sandy,

    Well, we received the KNK mylar yesterday and begun cutting. With your settings we got almost clean cuts so we upped the BT to 2 and we golden on small items. So we attempted a large sheet, the entire reason we bought this machine, and it was a complete disaster.

    At this point we are done. This machine does not perform to what it says it does and we want a full refund on the machine as well as the KNK Rotary Tool. I have dumped an additional $400+ in supply’s, blades, mats etc into it not including my time and I have zero to show for it.

    The fact that it cannot cut a full sheet of KNK’s mylar even somewhat near close to what it is supposed to tells me this machine has very large flaws.

    I am including the image of our cut, well one of many cuts last night where only a portion of the “S” cuts out before nothing cuts.

    Please let me know how we can go about processing this refund since I have been in contact with you this entire time and the fact that this machine has not been functional for any of the time we have owned it.



    Again I thank you for all your help back and forth and I really wish there would have been a different out come.


    Thank you,



    Chad Youngblut

    Hi Ashley,

    Please call us at 800-268-3672 so we can get this resolved.

    Take care and talk soon.

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