We have been experiencing some issues with our current forum. There have been a few updates that came with some unwanted side-effects and it’s been a bear to work with. We’ve been working on a few fixes for awhile, but there has been such a tremendous number of “spammer” signups, we feel that our best option is to start fresh and utilize a new system. This comes with a few pros and cons:

The Good:

  • Customers who have already placed orders on our new storefront will have access to the forum, using the same login credentials.
  • The new system is much faster and cleaner to navigate.
  • No spammers! (crossing all fingers and toes)

The Bad:

  • Existing discussions and comments could not be ported over to the new system.

It’s not the most ideal situation, but we do feel that the benefits greatly outweigh the loss. We’ll keep the old forum up until the end of this week. Next week, it will cease to exist. You can find the new forum by clicking here.

Thanks for being patient and understanding! We realize the advantages of having a user community, which is why we have decided to take such drastic measures.

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