15" Zing Orbit for sale

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    Hi, I just got my Zing Orbit last week to make stencils to use in my art as I’m a mixed media artist. I worked with it all week, got frustrated in trying to figure out how to get the blade just right and have decided it’s not the cutter for me. It works great, no issues just no time to sit and try to figure out the blade and how to get it just right for every different piece paper or Mylar that I wanted to use it for.

    It comes with everything: the power adapter, USB cable, blade holder, three blades a red blade which is the standard, blue blade which is the thick and one that has a point (not sure what that one is for), test pen and the mat which still has some sticky to it as I only used the KNK Mylar on it. Does not come with the software like MTC or SCAL

    I paid $449 and will sell it for $385 and that includes shipping in the US only.

    If interested you can email me cassandra@cushmanroad.com

    Thank you






Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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