24″ KLIC-N-KUT MAXX Air or Zing Orbit 24in

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    I’m planning to cut A LOT of little pieces (15mm) on a sheets of rubber (up to 24” wide), thickness around 0.8mm.

    I think that the 24″ KLIC-N-KUT MAXX Air (the new one, 1500g pressure) or the upcoming Zing Orbit 24in will be great for that.

    Can someone confirm this?

    More over, I have few questions about those 2 rollers:

    –        Can they be used in a professional way? (understand: production way, meaning sometimes all day long…)

    –        Do I need  the thick material blade? (blue)

    –        What are the differences between those 2 cutters? The price seems almost the same (when adjusted with the same options)

    –        Do you think that it will be a fast cutting job? Well, how long for 1, or 100 15mm circles?

    –        Reliability and accuracy are really important for me: I’ve read that the zing orbit is really accurate. More than the new upgraded maxx?


    Thank you for your contribution



    Darrel Farris

    The Zing Orbit and Maxx Air are just different product lines.  The ZO is a newly updated model, while the Maxx Air has been around for a few years. I imagine it will likely be refreshed at some point, as well.

    Both can be used professionally.  In fact, if you head over to one of our Facebook groups, you can see some videos from one of our customers, in particular, who has been cutting quantity in thicker materials. https://www.facebook.com/groups/KNKZing/

    You probably don’t need the deep cut blade. The standard red blades are pretty versatile.

    The primary difference is that the Maxx Air has an onboard control panel that allows you do perform certain actions, such as setting the origin, at the machine rather than through the computer.  The MA is a more heavy-duty machine, but the Zing Orbit is quite sufficient. The ZO also has automated print and cut, while the MA does not.

    I can’t really estimate your cutting time because I don’t know how many passes it will take to cut cleanly through your material. KNK is always happy to test cut materials for potential customers, but there’s also a video in the FB group showing 100 stickers being cut, so that might help you at least see the Zing Orbit in action.

    Hope this helps!



    thank you darrel.

    Now come the choice of the model and it seems that the orbit gets my vote.

    What about the availability? I’d need to order right away….

    do you have some info about the orbit 24″ availability also?


    Darrel Farris

    If you have questions about availability, your best bet would be to call KNK on the phone.

    Best of luck!



    Unfortunately, I am deaf 🙁 I can mail/sms eventually


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    Hi. I’d appreciate any help. I wasn’t sure where to post this. KNK is closed until July 10th.

    I just purchased a newly – used (supposedly) Zing Air from e-bay. It was running fine for 30 minutes and all of a sudden it goes nuts and the main cutter console acts and sounds like a jack hammer and gets stuck at the starting position (right-side) banging in the same position vibrating like a jackhammer. I turned it off. It sounded scary! I  manually moved the carriage to the left-side, turned it on and it started quietly and then moved back to the normal starting right position and then the jackhammer sound and motion begins. I unplugged everything, re-plugged in everything and waited 15 minutes…same thing.  I had already pulled the blade and mat in the very beginning.

    If anyone could help, I’d appreciate. Sure hope I didn’t get a lemon. I know KNK does not make these anymore, but I sure hope they still support them.




    Sorry for the delay. The best thing to do is start a support ticket with KNK USA:

    Support ticket request

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