3d printer x-axis problem

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    This is the problem I’m having. (But I do not understand the language well.)

    It has happened to someone?

    It’s a shame because my work is stopped.




    Darrel Farris

    I’m not understanding which part is the problem…  Can you describe what’s happening (or not happening) and possibly attach the file you’re trying to print?



    Thank you.

    My problem displacement layers.
    But now seen in the video, head in the X axis makes a “drag” and it seems that you have difficulty moving.
    Please watch the video on the second 3 and 13.
    Thanks again.




    Chad Youngblut

    Hi CharlyCR. I believe Ron has been helping you with this through email / our ticket system, correct? We’re happy to share this information publicly for others to find results. However, if at all possible, it would be a little easier (and quicker) for us to help you from one. Is it possible to allow Ron to help from email?




    You want only to write by email to Ron?
    no problem .

    I sent an email to you in the afternoon.



    I just found a similar issue with my klic n print printer……X axis did not travel smoothly and sounded like the motor was grinding sometimes. If I wiggled the X axis cable in jog mode while manually moving the X axis……the motor would act normally intermittently. Removed X axis cable and found a broken wire. Repaired wire and printer works normally now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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