4 Problems since getting my Zing Orbit

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    I’ve had the Orbit for a couple days now and I’ve noticed several problems.

    1. Sure Cuts-a-Lot 5 keeps crashing on me. It’s on a mac and I’ve registered the software, but it crashes a lot, particularly when I’m not doing anything, i.e. waiting for the Orbit to finish cutting.
    2. The machine seems to get “lost” a lot on cuts/drawings. It starts out doing well, but by the end it’s misaligned. It’s even been off so much that a box I had around some stencils I was cutting was no longer square and cut through a portion of the stencil
    3. I’m getting a lot of stray cuts. It seems like the blade is perhaps dropping down a bit between cut shapes and dragging as it goes. They aren’t deep cuts but enough to ruin the vinyl.
    4. I’m having a hard time getting the 15 in. width it claims to have. It seems more like it’s in the 14-14.5 inch range. The machine starts blinking a red flashing light and crashing whenever it gets that far wide, even if the mat is all the way to the right hand side. It’s a bit confusing to me, as the pinch wheel on the left cannot move too far right, so it seems like it’s hard to take advantage of the 3rd pinch wheel while approaching anywhere near the full cutting width it claims to have.

    Thank you for any suggestions/help. I admit I’ve not had it for very long, but I’ve not found anywhere in the manual address these issues. I’ve read the main chapters and watched the relevant videos but they haven’t been helpful on these issues.



    I’ve actually noticed another thing that perplexes me. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to go all the way down. It acts as if it’s about to make a cut/press the pen down, but it stops a hair above the surface of the paper. It seems to this predominantly on the left side. At first I thought it was an issue with the cutting mat, as it arrived a little bent, but the pinch wheel is right near the gear shaft spot there and I can see the holder is not dropping all the way down when I watch it.


    1. What operating system are you running on your Mac?  I will contact the developer of SCAL to see if he has any input on this. Or you can start your own support ticket with Craft Edge (the developer of SCAL) at the following link: http://www.craftedge.com/support/support_form.php. I’ve not had any issues with my Mac and I was a beta tester for SCAL5 starting in August 2017, along with several other Mac users, so this is not a known issue.
    2. I assume you’re referring to the vinyl you mention in 3. What are your settings?  Are you using the cutting mat or not?  Either way is fine… just asking.  Are the pinch wheels that are on the outside properly centered over the grit shafts below?  Even if just one is half-on/half-off a grit shaft, it can cause the mat to skew during cutting.   How long are these stencils that you’re cutting?
    3. How do you mount the blade holder into the ZO? Are you using the 15 Post It note method recommended in the manual to make sure the blade holder isn’t too low? You might try using 20.
    4. When you first turn on the ZO and the head positions itself at its home origin, that location represents the start of the 15″ wide cutting range. I recommend verifying that you have that full 15″ by using the following procedure:

    A. Remove the blade holder. You’ll be just “cutting air.”  🙂   You also don’t need the mat or material.

    B. Turn off and turn on the ZO so that the head will definitely be at its home origin.

    C. Place a 15 ” wide rectangle onto your screen and, in the cut window, make sure you have Origin Point mode selected so that the rectangle will be drawn right at the hom origin.

    D. Send it to draw and make sure it can move the full 15″ to the left and return home without going into red light mode.

    Regarding your second post,  do you have the optional metal tables? If so, check to see if one side is slightly higher than the other relative to the ZO itself. When tightening the thumbscrews there’s a little big up/down wiggle room in which you can adjust one side versus the other to make sure they’re level. If one side is higher than the other, that can then make the cutting mat or just the material without the mat a bit higher affecting the cut settings.



    I have all the same exact problems!

    1. I’m on a Windows 10 machine and SCAL 5 will transmit about half the design (even a simple text) and then it will just sit there… until I hit cancel where it will then just crash. When this happens the machine stops cutting and waits for the information to send (I guess). I haven’t figured out how to stop this. I’m thinking the ZO gets overloaded with info and can’t buffer the information??? Could that be a thing?
    2. I noticed that it will get misaligned when the pinch wheels are not exactly over the grit shat. This happens to me when I remove one of the wheels off the mat because the vinyl does not extend all the way over the mat and I don’t want it to get sticky. The other two must move the mat alone. Any solutions to being able to only use the two wheels or am I stuck figuring out how to use all 3? Currently, I found that if I place the first wheel all the way to the edge of the grit (to my right) and the mid wheel to the other side of the mid grit (to my left) I get less of the misalignment… again my third and furthest wheel is not on the mat at all and is all the way to my left off the grit.
    3. The stray cut issue is annoying. When I use the mat with the vinyl I must use 20 sticky notes to keep the blade from dragging across the materiel. However there is still a stray mark that sometimes happens. I then must reconfigure my cutting speed and force (which causes another issue I’d like to bring up below).  So it looks like the problem is the blade height when you see stray marks from the blade moving from one design to the next.
    4. I haven’t tried Sandy’s check yet but I also seem to only get about 14.5 inches as well and I do start at the origin.
    5. The other post about getting a hair away from the material is annoying the heck out of me… if the product requires a tableto cut properly, why is it an extra item and not sold with the unit??? I am constantly getting cuts where it goes through the material in one location and is a ‘hair’ above it in another location. This is the reason why I am even posting right now as I can almost live with the other issues. Could someone please provide me with feedback on how to over come this issue? In particular, it seems that the “hair above” the material issue happens only on the right side of the machine and the left side is cutting to the proper depths. Meaning, I don’t think a mat would help (unless my understanding is wrong)… the cuts on the right (my right facing the ‘out’ side) will need an exacto knife to finish 40% of it while the left side needs nothing. The cuts are all the same length out of the machine so how would a mat help? Additionally, it seems that that it may happen only at the wheel locations and areas away from the wheel cut fine… remember I don’t use the pinch wheel on the left side. Does that confirm I need the table? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


    Sorry for the delay in responding. My first grandchild was born and I’ve been offline a lot in the last few days.  Answers to your questions:

    1. If this is happening with simple text and not, like, an array of a hundred repeats or whatever, then it sounds more like a communication issue between your computer and the Zing Orbit.  Are you using Wi-Fi or USB?
    2. I actually recommend only using 2 wheels… have a look at what I wrote in the user manual regarding this. It’s in the section in Chapter 1 on the pinch wheels.
    3. When you get the stray cuts, are they cutting as deep as the other intended cuts or are they shallow? I’m just trying to figure out if it’s because of the bowing of the mat or something else is going on.
    4. Try my check. Remember to start from when the ZO is first turned on and you cannot set an origin. Leave the head exactly where it is when you power on.
    5. I’m not understanding what you mean when you say, ” I don’t think a mat would help (unless my understanding is wrong)… the cuts on the right (my right facing the ‘out’ side) will need an exacto knife to finish 40% of it while the left side needs nothing. The cuts are all the same length out of the machine so how would a mat help?”   Based on what you wrote in your second and third questions, it seemed to me that you ARE using a cutting mat.  You certainly don’t have to use it when just cutting vinyl, but otherwise, with materials that are not backed, you do.

    Regarding the inclusion of the tables… those are only needed when cutting with a mat and a LOT of our customers only cut vinyl or HTV and have no need for them. Thus, rather than have them pay more for their ZO and end up with tables they don’t want or need, KNK chose to sell them as addons, just as they did with SCAL.


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