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    Hi there! I’m new to this site, so please pardon any errors. I have a small business making soap, lotions, etc, and up until now I have been using a Silhouette Portrait for making my packaging. I make sometimes quite intricate patterns for my soap boxes, which I print at home on heavy cardstock and then cut with the Silhouette. I also use those same patterns on delicate sticker paper for labels.

    My issue is that, due to the small size of the Portrait and an increase in wholesale orders, I need to be able to use larger paper and cut faster to stay profitable. I’m interested in the KNK Force for several reasons, most notably the dual-head aspect so that I can cut and score boxes in one go. My concern, however, is that it’s really imperative for me to be able to get accurate print-and-cuts, and I know this is a relatively new feature for the Force. So my question basically is: will the Force, as it stands, be able to provide enough accuracy for me to produce professional/precise packaging via print-and-cut? Or would I be better off going with something like the Maxx Air (or, I suppose, the Silver Bullet!) that has more stable software? I’ve looked at some of the calibration videos for the Force and they seem like it requires a lot of calibration to get an accurate cut – would you need to go through that process every time, if I’ve switched to some other design in the meantime?

    Any experience/advice would be great!

    For reference, here are some of the types of cuts I need to make:


    Chad Youngblut

    Hi there!

    Based off the designs that you’ve provided, I’d say the KNK Force would be more than capable of producing Print and Cuts that you’d be pleased with. You’ll find that the Force is faster than the portrait. If your main issue is the size, the Force should exceed your expectations.

    The KNK MAXX Air is great at doing large runs, up to 24″ wide. If you plan to produce a LOT of product, it’s definitely a contender. Its advantages over the Force are the cutting width and speed.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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