Any updates on Adobe Illustrator svg files?

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    While I understood initially that there was work being done to support the Adobe Illustrator SVG, I’ve searched through the forum and I have yet to see any solutions being presented besides buying another program, which honestly, I do not want to do.

    Perhaps I missed an update that refers to the fix.  I’m just going to check on my Kickstarter page to see…no, I see lots of beautiful things that have been cut on it, but all using MTC or SCAL.

    What is the timeline for the fix for Illustrator svg files?  I see updates for SCAL, but nothing for AI svg files.

    If someone has a work around that does not involve me investing in an intermediary program, or has a recommendation on free software that can help, I would love to hear it.


    The AI-SVG file issues have been resolved as far as our testing and feedback have indicated. There are still a few guidelines that need to be followed, just as there are guidelines for C3 acceptance of SVG files created in MTC, SCAL, and Inkscape.  These guidelines for SVG files created in AI, are presented in Section 4.02.3 of the current version of the Force UM located at the link below.

    If you have updated to the latest version of C3, are following the guidelines presented in the UM, and you still have SVG files that fail to cut correctly, please post a description of the issues and email BOTH the AI file and the SVG generated file to We will look into the issue right away.

    KNK Force Support Page



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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 12 months ago by Sandy.

    Thank you so much Sandy.  Refreshing my browse DID fix the issue I was having as far as pulling the latest and greatest information and I was able to see what I was doing incorrectly with the AI file.  I will try the instructions later on today ;-).

    Thanks again.

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