Anyone cutting from Linux?

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    First post here! Hi everyone! It’s my first time on the site so if there is already a thread…yeah. I searched and didn’t find one.

    I’m using Inkscape on a Linux (Mint 18.1) machine and was wondering if anyone has had success cutting directly from a linux machine.

    I’m about to drop the hammer on a new force but I want to make sure it’s compatible with my current machine. I mean I suppose I could run windows but I’d rather not.




    Yes.  The KNK Force cuts from C3, a program running on the Raspberry Pi inside of the cutter. You communicate with C3 from your browser, such as Chrome.  I contacted KNK USA and Chad, the VP said this:

    Chrome runs on Linux quite well. I run my Force while on Linux all the time.

    Note that your Inkscape SVG files will open in C3 but you will need to make a few changes to shapes according to the guidelines in the UM.  For more information on that, please refer to Section 4.02.4 at this link:



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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