Can I cut 1mm thick polycarbonate with a KNK Maxx?

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    Hello all,

    First post on this forum so apologies if it is in the wrong place. I am thinking about buying this KNK Maxx (image here) and will be using it to cut 1mm thick polycarbonate plastic. Can anyone advise if this is a material that the Maxx can cut and work with easily? Any help is appreciated.





    Polycarbonate is too dense to be cut with a drag blade cutter.  One way to know what can be cut is to take a craft knife (like an Xacto) and see if you can cut through the material manually in two passes. If you can, then the Maxx  should be able to cut it, as well. If there’s no way you can cut it with a craft knife, then you’ll need to look into a different type of cutter.  The KNK Force, with it’s optional rotary tool, should be able to cut 1 mm polycarbonate, although you  haven’t mentioned the size and intricacy of the cuts you want to make. That’s another limitation you need to consider with thicker materials.


    Hi Sandy, thanks for the response. I will look into the KNK Force.

    Chad Youngblut

    The KNK Force will not be able to cut polycarb better than the MAXX. However, I do have a machine with 2000g which might do the trick. Please fill out a ticket here:

    Support ticket request

    I would love to do some testing for you, if you could get some material my way.


    Thanks, Chad! I sent a support ticket.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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