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    Just purchased the Orbit and wanted to download the driver at, but do not see a driver that is specific to the Orbit.  Will the KNK Zing / Zing Air & MAXX Air driver work?


    I answered your email a few minutes ago. I’ll go ahead and share here just in case someone else searches and finds this thread:

    Yes… the drivers on KNK USA’s Resource page for the regular Zing should work. Also, if you have a look in the Zing Orbit with SCAL UM, in Section 1.11, I show a link to get the latest drivers that are used by our cutters.  I usually direct owners there since that site has the very latest updates that deal with changes in Windows and Mac O/S.

    Click to access ZingOrbit-with-SCAL-UM.pdf

    Let me know if you have questions or problems getting the driver installed.  🙂




    I’m confused by the same thing John4 is confused by…

    Yes, your PDF does link to where the latest drivers can be found. However, this still does not load a Zing Orbit option into SCAL 4. How do I get this in there???

    Also, your instruction say to download the drivers BEFORE connecting the Zing… ooops. I plugged the zing in right away. Did this screw up my chances of getting the cutter option for the Zing Orbit in SCAL?


    No, you should be fine. Sometimes if your cutter is plugged in already, you might need to plug into a different USB port on the computer or reboot Windows a few times or whatever.

    Regarding the Zing Orbit in SCAL, did you do the last step here?2018-07-15_073629


    Yes, I did go to section 3.01 and followed the 3 steps:

    3.01.1 and 3.01.02 are for downloading and activating the software. I have done this.

    3.01.3 – Installing USB Driver:

    • This option says to go to to download the appropriate driver for my model.
    • Going to the suggested link sends me to a page that has no drivers for the Zing Orbit. Should this step be included in the Orbit UM? Or, am I missing something on the page? Should this step be included in the UM?
    • However, Step 1.11 sends me to a link for drivers… is this the link that step 3.01.3 should be referring to for the Orbit? Or is step 1.11 for USB driver and 3.01. for a separate/different driver that I need from
    • Lastly, I installed the USB driver from step 1.11 and I can send a test connection & the pen moves left and back to the start position. Is this driver solely to communicate with the Orbit or does this help to give SCAL the Orbit option in the managing cutter section?

    3.01.4 – Installing Your Cutter:

    • When I go to Manage cutters I do not see the orbit as a selection. Even the example images you show in the UM do not show this listed. Will I not see the Orbit listed as well?
    • However, in Section 2.02.2 your images show Model as Zing Orbit. So it can be an option then?
    • How do I get it listed as a model?

    As you an see I have gone through all the steps in 3.01 and still don’t understand how to get the Orbit to show up. Sorry for the long post but I figured its better to put it all out there and clear up the confusion. Thanks for all your help!


    I’m guessing that you’re not on the latest version of SCAL4?  Since SCAL4 first came out in 2014 but the Zing Orbit didn’t come out until 2017, it wouldn’t be listed in the older versions of SCAL4.  Please use this link to get the latest SCAL4 version before SCAL5 came out:

    Also note that SCAL5 just came out a few weeks ago and there’s a sales price on upgrading to 5 that expires soon.


    I should add that using the Check for Updates funtion under Help in SCAl4 doesn’t work. The latest version that I installed before 5 came out was 4.072. You can check to see if that’s the version in the splash screen when you launch SCAL.


    lol, the program was on a laptop given to me… it’s a wayyy older version. Would you recommend to update SCAL to v5 or is v4 just as good?

    Also back to the installation of drivers… does the Orbit have one or should this be ignored if I upgrade?

    Thanks again!


    I recommend upgrading to version 5 because it’s on sale now. There are a lot of new features available and if there are any additional bugs found regarding the ZO, then it’s far more likely that the bugs will be fixed in Vs 5 more promptly.  Here’s Craft Edge’s web site for upgrading:

    You should be fine if you followed the other instructions in the User Manual.  But if still have problems connecting, post back and let me know if you’re connecting via USB or Wi-fi, Mac or PC and what version of SCAL. We’ll get things figured out.  🙂


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