Cutting 20mil craft plastic

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    I’m trying to cut 20mil clear craft plastic.  The plastic seems softer than mylar (maybe HDPE???).  The design is a very simple 8-point star surrounded by a square that’s 7″ on each side.  I am using the blue blade with .4mm offset, speed =10 and force set to 160 (max).  I seem to need at least 5 passes to cut through this plastic.  It’s working OK, but occasionally the cutter gets hung up changing direction on one of the points of the star and throws everything off.  This requires that I start over with a new piece of plastic.  Can anyone suggest anything else I need to watch for to maximize the chances of a successful cut?  Thanks!



    Examine your blade carefully under a magnifying glass. Is that tip still very “pointy?”  Since it’s requiring so many passes, my guess is that the tip may have been damaged.  For sure, if a blue blade hits plastic with full force, it will most likely do that. I checked the settings that I optimized during testing and they were 2 Passes at 130.  I only used 10 Post It notes for the blade tip height above the material so that the blade wouldn’t hit the material too hard.  So, keep this mind if you try a new blade.



    Yes, a close examination of the blade showed that the tip had been damaged.  I’ll install a new tip and try again.  Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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