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    I have a 7″x8″ non-intricate cut project (approx 8 cuts for affixing to capes for Grandson’s birthday party) that I’m trying to cut on Oracal 631 white vinyl.  First couple cuts were completed successfully.  On my third cut (on the far end of the “set origin” side of the graphic), the blade just dug through the vinyl and bunched the vinyl as it continued cutting.  These cuts were without use of the mat.  I switched to the mat and and performed a square test cut several times.  I adjusted the cs, cd and bt until the test cut was perfect.  I attempted to do another cut.  The cut depth on the completed cut showed that one end of the graphic (origin point) cut fine while the other end cut completely through the backing while some spots barely cut through the vinyl.  I examined the blade tip under a magnifying glass and didn’t see any burrs or deformities.  I’m using the latest version SCAL and the setting were Multi-cut: off, Cutting 2, us:35, ps: 30, cs:25, ls:20 and red blade was set to 2 in the red blade holder.  Besides trying the CS feature on the force for cutting the SVG graphic and changing the blade and/or blade holder, is there any other possible issues that might be causing this?


    A BT of 2 is definitely too high for vinyl. You need to be using 1 and then start with a CD of 15.  Try cutting a row across of a small test shape since you were seeing so many variation with the BT at 2.  You should notice a big improvement.

    Darrel Farris

    Many of the vinyl cutting customers I’ve worked with who have had similar issues seem to have the best results cutting vinyl without a mat with a BT of 1 and a CD of 10, so that they don’t cut through the backing or get too much drag.

    Do you have similar results when cutting cardstock with shapes being unevenly cut?


    I too have had this issue, I use a BT of 1 and constantly have to adjust the depth. Taping my blade holder around the adjustment part seems to have helped, but at times I will get where in the same cut, the 1st part of the pattern is great, but the later part isnt cut too well or it will tare the vinyl.  I babysit the vinyl and apply light pressure infront of the working blade to make sure the vinyl stays completly flat (rolled vinyl).


    I have of that similar concern but it is for business printing needs, just as this one that I have done recently.

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