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    I’m having a really hard time trying to cut my materials. I have several types of fabrics, and they have an adhesive backing adhered to them… so theres one layer of fabric, a layer of double sided adhesive in the middle, and a paper backing on the adhesive.

    Firstly, I cant get the fabric side OR the paper side to stay on the mat. Paper is slick and slips around, and the fabric lifts with the blade and frays on the edges (i’m using knits, not wovens).

    I tried cutting one layer at a time (first fabric, then adhesive) and the fabric still snagged and frayed, and the adhesive was pulled off of its paper backing.

    Since I have three layers of all different materials in one cut, I thought it best to use the blue blade as i wasn’t sure if yellow would be suited for the adhesive layer.

    I bought this machine specifically for this purpose only, so if i cant get it to work I will be heartbroken!

    Darrel Farris


    My first question is whether or not your mat is sticky.  If your mat doesn’t have a sufficient level of adhesion, it will be difficult to cut any material.

    Knit fabrics, generally speaking, aren’t well-suited to cutting as they tend to have more stretch.  Woven fabrics are generally stiffer just because of how they’re constructed.

    Are these adhesive-backed fabrics something you can link to online so I can get some additional insight?  What settings are you using?  Cut settings differ with each blade, so just switching blades alone isn’t enough to evaluate the cuts, but depending on the total thickness, I suspect you could work with either yellow or blue blade.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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