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    I’m trying to cut some hobby foam. It’s one of the things that KNK lists as a supported material for cutting, and they list some numbers to use for cutting speed, force, etc. No matter what I do, the cut seems to tear the edges of the foam. I was messing around and seeing if I could cut it by hand using the blade, and my guess is that the foam is getting caught on the front, just above the blade and tearing around the shaft. Does anybody have suggestions on how to correct this? Thanks



    A few questions for you:

    (1) How thick is the foam?  Actually measuring it would be helpful since not only does hobby foam come in varying thicknesses but, as I found out once when buying and providing foam to KNK retreat attendees, it can actually vary from one sheet to the next within the same type AND color.

    (2) How are you setting the distance ABOVE the foam before cutting?  Are you using Post It notes? Are the Post It notes on top of the foam.

    (3) Are you using 1 pass or 2?

    Finally, note that sometimes foam just doesn’t cut smoothly… other times it cuts beautifully. I’ve not been able to figure out if it’s the brand or the age of the foam.  Maybe post some photos with the settings you’ve used and I’ll have Omayra Duarte have a look. She’s a long time member of our Team KNK Designers and an expert on foam cutting and applications.  I always go to her for diagnosing issues and her advice.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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