Cutting rubber magnetic sheets

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    I’d like to cut some 3M rubber magnetic sheets that are 0.085″ thick.  The shape would be a semi-circle that’s about 0.5″ radius.  I plan to use a blue blade, but not sure about pressure, speed or number of passes.  Any suggestions on how to successfully cut this material???  Thanks!



    While I’ve not tried cutting a magnet material that thick, I can almost assure you it won’t work on the Zing Orbit.  When I tested 0.015″ thick, it required 1 pass at 70.  When I tested 0.035″ thick, it required 2 passes at 120 force.  It’s always been my experience that the thicker you go with a dense material the cutting pressure needed increases exponentially versus linearly. Thus, 0.085″ is simply not going to be doable. Sorry!



    Thanks for the prompt reply!  I think I’ll try a leather punch instead.

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