Distortion Issues and Random Cuts

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    Hi folks,

    I’ve been back and forth with KNK support although, haven’t heard back in a few days so figured I would try here. My cutter is about 4 years old so well out of warranty but I was rather hoping it would last longer than that. It’s done well up until this point when this issue started after not having used it for a couple months.

    The problem is this – my shapes, are distorted, this is really noticeable on small cuts which I tend to need to do a lot of. Like a tiny circle will be an oval, or a 6 shape or spiral like cut. Even larger circles are what I would call “wobbly”.

    I’ve tried the following things to no luck:
    Reinstalled the MTC Software
    Tried different MTC Files

    Tried a new blade
    Tried a new blade holder

    Tried a new mat
    Checked that there’s no movement of the paper or the mat beneath and I’m fairly certain there isn’t.
    Tried adjusting the blade offset way out of range (I’m using cardstock and the red blade with a .35 offset normally but i’ve tried everything from 0 to .9)

    Tried adjusting the force

    Quadruple checked the blade height, and the offset in post it notes from the surface I’m cutting.

    If I use the test pen tool or the engraving tool, the shapes looked right.

    I’m getting issues in both blade origin or print and cut mode using registration marks.

    I’ve also started getting cuts between shapes at times, as the blade doesn’t lift between them. This started after i reinstalled the software but nothing i’ve tried has fixed it so far.

    I’m using windows 7 and the latest version of MTC, with the zing plugin.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Darrel Farris


    Just following up as it appears Ron has replied to your ticket.

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