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    A few months ago I bought a knk element in a ebay auction, now that I am going to install it. I realize that I need a key. there is some way to use it without it or how can I request a new one and what is its cost



    Rep. of Panama


    Hi Marcelo,

    Originally, the KNK Element only cut from KNK Studio, a software program that has mostly been discontinued. It came with a dongle (looks like a small flash drive) and you needed two license files inside the software to work with that software dongle.  I assume you did not receive the dongle and the license files CD.

    There are two other software programs that will work with the Element. But I recommend you test them first to make sure they work because some of the early Elements require a serial cable plus a serial-usb converter cable in order to work from these other two programs.  You can test both programs in trial mode first.  They are fairly inexpensive programs.

    One of them is Sure Cuts A Lot, version 4. You can download the trial from the following link. You have 15 days to test it out.


    The other, although I tend not to recommend it because there have been no updates in 4 years is Make The Cut. You can download the trial from this link:


    You need both the program and then, scroll down, and get the Klic-N-Kut download, too.

    I can help you with any questions you have.  You  also need to download the driver for the Element. I recommend downloading all three drivers at this link because sometimes the Element will prefer one to another:  https://knkusa.com/resources/

    Please post any questions or issues you have. Sometimes it can be tricky to get communication working.


    Perfect, Sandy.

    I will do everything you have indicated and I will tell you. Thank you very much and greetings from Panama


    I look forward to finding out if it’s working or not. And thanks for letting us know where you live! It’s always interesting to find out. I’m in Arizona, myself.


    Hi I’m having same issue here… Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance…


    I need more details.  Is your KNK an Element model for sure?  At what point are you with getting your KNK to work again? Note that because this original thread started in 2018, the available options have changed (assuming you no longer have the dongle that came with your KNK Element).  Please provide me a LOT more information so that I can properly help you with this.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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