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    Hi KNK,

    Sorry to enter this community by such a bad mood, so I ‘ll try to do my best to stay cool…

    After surfing the web for months I finally decided to purchase a KNK Force for my plasticboard cut&score project ( despide neither KNK usa nor KNK uk dare to answer my mail via the contact form… -1)

    I just received my package today, so excited. But the fiesta lasted no longer than the first attempt to draw something as I found wobbles here and there. Checked again and again everything was fine ( parameters, holders, mat). Finally I discovered that a white plastic part was still lying in the plastic package. the other part belongs to the tray idler. here is the pic

    Well, all I can say is that those pieces are poor nylon idlers, compared the ones I used to build my delta 3D printer…

    Thing is I live in france – yes , French always complain about everything, but this time you can admit I shall  complain 😉

    So I wonder how to fix it  :

    – Buying good idlers by myself, disassembling everything thus saying goodbye to the warranty

    -Re-expediting everything, waiting the answer for the customer care service telling me that it is probably due to my user’s fault and then receiving the same non-fixed machine?


    Except this I would say to you guys, that you did a masterpiece of cutting robot, everything looks nice and sturdy, and silent during operation. keep the hard work, but don’t be shy to use master-grade parts for core pieces



    Darrel Farris

    Hi Pierre,

    Have no fear about voiding your warranty!  I had to do the same thing to my machine, except in my case I set the z-origin at the wrong time, which caused some stress to the tool holder and necessitated some post-stress tightening of the tension screws.

    If you have a small, right-angle or ratcheting screwdriver you can put that piece back on and tighten the screw(s) slightly.  It shouldn’t take much.  When the machine is powered off, you can move the tool holder freely for better clearance.

    If you don’t have a screwdriver that can fit within that small area, you’ll have to remove the end caps to release the top piece in order to access the rear of the tool holder.  It’s not a difficult task and all the screws are the same, which helps when putting things back together.

    The pulleys should allow a small amount of movement, but should not separate if the tool holder is lifted/tilted towards the back.

    Here are some photos of the internals of my machine in the hopes they give you idea of what to expect: https://goo.gl/photos/JEY4HrXsX2UGNdP8A

    Let me know if I can offer any additional guidance.



    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    After looking the pics it would be awesome if you san provide an exploded view to see what screw to remove, I would not unscrew everything wrong or unnecessary.

    Lanele is kindly sending me a new set, this will fix the problem.

    things becoming luminous again 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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