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    I just purchased the Force and was happy to see, that each layer in SVG-File can be assigned to its own “Layer settings”.

    Obviously, it will be very exhausting and error-prone to set them up manually when using many layers with different parameters. On top of that: One has to repeat it again and again.

    Is it possible to offer a “Layer settings upload” functionality?

    The file which has to be uploaded could be an XML or JSON file like

    {"Layer 1":{force:30,cut_speed:25...},"Layer 2":{force:35,cut_speed:25...}}

    The progress would be:

    1. SVG file upload
    2. Layer settings file upload
      1. Check if layer ids fit
      2. Check layer parameters


    The effort of implementation shouldn’t be that high, but this feature would allow the design of much more complex reliefs and embossings.

    With an export of the layer settings one can reproduce it easily.

    Thank you and best regards



    Edit: Aspect export and repeatability was added.

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    We’ve requested that Presets be added to C3. You can also express your need for it using this link:

    C3 Wishlist



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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