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    Has anyone had there machine stop in middle of cuts and say flushing buffers. Waiting on K n K machine?    My com port, baud rate all are correct.   New driver was installed.  Computer has been defragmented and cleaned.   No luck.   Every time i cut it will cut some, stop and then say flushing buffers.    TIA


    In MTC, select your shapes and click on the wrench icon at the bottom and select Auto Simplify Path at the top.  Then, with them still selected, slick on Flatten Paths.  Now see if the project will complete.

    Darla Sauer

    I had the same issue and tried many different little nuance changes including as you suggested by flattening paths. I have now purchased SCAL 4 hoping to circumvent this issue. However, I am wondering if there is a way to convert all my MTC files to SCAL 4 or do I need to just recreate each and everyone that I have not cut or will cut again?


    You don’t have to recreate them in SCAL.  Here’s what you do…

    (1) Open a file in MTC.

    (2) Select all the shapes (make sure none of the layers are hidden or locked).

    (3) Go to File>Export  OR  Right click>Export and you can use SVG or PDF or EPS/AI. Name the file and note the location.

    (4) In SCAL, click on the Import button at the top.  Locate the folder, click on the exported file and click on Open.

    Post back if you have any issues at all.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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