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    I have had the skewing issue with a variety of settings. I’ve used new blades, made sure that the mat was in good shape, adjusted things, etc. It does it both with thick materials, but also light cardstock.

    Just to update the status of things, I am working with support on some sort of solution, but the issue persists for now.



    What settings are you using with light cardstock? I would have the BT set at 1 and using 2 passes, again with SD = ED / 2.



    Hi Sandy,

    I am really at lost here. I cleaned the mat entirely and made it sticky again. I cleaned the rollers and tried again. I cut a small shape (2″x2″), and it worked perfectly, so I went ahead and cut a large piece (7.6″ W x 7″H) Again, I kept having the skewing issue in the y-axis. Somehow the mat shifts while going in and out of the machine. It goes forward on the right corner close to the on/off button and lags on the opposite side.

    Just to clarify, I am placing the rollers in the gray rollers that they are supposed to be on, two rollers are in the cutting material, and one is on the mat.  I even have tried to use only two rollers: one in the mat and one in the cutting material, as well as two in the cutting material and none in the mat. Sadly, I keep having the same issue no matter what.

    I have spent a lot of time on this issue, and I am getting annoyed with it.

    What do you suggest?

    PS: I also got a new blade, and I got the same results.



    Did ebdholland get a fix for this issue?




    Just to recap:

    I am cutting in SCAL 4 PRO. Settings:

    Blade offset 0.02 mm

    Overcut 1.00 mm

    multicut 10

    start depth 37    end depth 370

    up speed 25.      cut speed 10

    plunge speed 20   lift speed 40

    Material: Dritz Heavy Duty Template Plastic ( about .25mm – .30mm  thick)

    I am using the blue blade on tension 3.




    The material that I am using (Dritz Heavy Duty Template Plastic) is .6mm





    All I can say is that at a BT of 3, the plastic should be cutting FAR more easily than what your settings indicate.  My initial guess was that the blade is very dull or possibly damaged, although you say you’ve tried a new one and I assume you were able to back way off on the settings and cut it in 2 or 3 passes with a much lower ED.  However, I’ve not cut this particular plastic.

    Your Blade Offset should actually be more like 0.25 mm, not 0.02, but that only affects the sharpness of corners and not how well a material can be cut.

    The only thing that stands out is how you’re placing the wheels. I ALWAYS use the far right and far left positions so that there’s an even grip near the outer edges of the cutting mat.  You would never want to NOT have those two positions covered.  Then, I place my thicker materials between those two wheels, not under either of them and I use masking tape around the outside edges of my thicker materials to secure them to the mat.  Additionally, with plastic materials, I use an extra sticky mat and even though I have it taped down, I will still brayer to make sure every square inch is stabilized. If the plastic separates from the adhesive, then that can result in inconsistent cutting which might be the reason your settings are so aggressive?   It’s hard to know for sure.




    Thanks for your reply.

    The issue seems to be the shifting of the mat while cutting in only the y-axis. I do brayer the plastic to the sticky mat. Nonetheless, I am going to try with only two wheels on the far right and left to see if I get better results. I will let you know.




    I did not receive a fix for this yet. I am sending some of my material in, but as I have mentioned it does it with all materials when cutting (pen test passes). Not sure if there is a fix at this point, or what is going to happen. That will be up to KNK shortly, I suppose. Coming up on nine months of a non-working unit.

    I only use the outside rollers. Does anyone know if the rollers/grit shafts are one unit, or can they move independent of each other? That would help some with trouble shooting, and possibly narrow down some things. Mine is a brand new machine, and I have only tried to cut these few materials, so other than the replacement part for it arriving dead (bad PCB design or something, easily damaged in shipping), I do not know what else could be different with my machine.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)

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