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    So, I screwed up… yup, I’ll own it because it is 100 percent my fault.

    I’m an amateur robotics enthusiast and was in the process of programming a command module for one of my devices when I accidentally wiped the FTDI chip on my wife’s Groove-e device. Now the MTC software won’t see the cutter.

    Honestly, this is a simple fix IF I had the information I needed to fix it. What I need is the FTDI chip info for the device.  I need the chip type, Device VID, Device PID, manufacturer name as it stands on the chip and the chip power. I was wondering if anyone on here could help.

    I contacted the tech support and they said they don’t have the info (strange) but if you are at all tech savvy I can walk you through the process of getting the info off your device. That would help me a ton as my wife is a bit pissed at me at the moment… I’d like to remedy that as soon as possible.


    Thank you in advance.



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    Chad Youngblut

    Hi Boris,

    We worked with a different factory to assemble the Groove-e for us. We’ve now parted ways, so that’s why we can’t simply get the information from them.

    With that being said, if we can get on the phone, I’d happily attempt to get the info you need!

    Give us a call and dial extension 2. Just ask for Chad.

    Talk soon!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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