Has anyone tried making stamps with a cutting machine?

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    I’m going to attempt to make a pizza box stamp (simply cant find any that is big enough to buy ready made) with my KNK maxx air. I’ve never done it before so a lot can probably go wrong. Only good thing is that the design is large and simple.

    Has anyone attempted to do this, and do you have any advice?

    Any materials that you recommend using? I’m going to try one with craft foam but don’t know how long it’s going to hold its shape over time. So I’m also going to try a rubber sheet, found one on ebay that is meant to be used for cutting stamps with a laser. Not sure how dense it will be though, might be to dense for my maxx air to cut.

    Any way, any advice is very appreciated!




    The only stamp material that will cut on your Maxx is the clear stamp material that other cutters can cut.  I tested this particular one with great success. I recommend the full kit because it comes with an insanely sticky mat that has holes and does a really nice job of stabilizing the clear rubber for cutting. Note that if the stamp material is too thin for your liking, you can cut two of the same and they will stick together easily.  I like my stamps a little thicker which is why I did it that way.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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