How to stick vellum to shelf liner for embossing?

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    Does anyone have an idea how to stick vellum to the underlying shelf liner for embossing?  Repositionable spray adhesive leaves gunk on the back of the vellum.  It would sure be nice to find a spongy sticky mat the same density as Duck shelf liner.  But since I can’t find anything like that, I’m looking for ideas.  Anybody?


    Well, in my experience with vellum, you might be able to achieve what you want just using the cutting mat and skipping the shelf liner since the vellum will turn white with the engraver.  I guess the questions to ask are this:

    (1) Which KNK cutter are you using?

    (2) Which accessory tools do you have available?

    (3) What’s the end goal? In other words, do you need to do an aligned “emboss and cut”?  Or are you just embossing?


    Thanks for getting back to me.  I’m pretty patient and determined, but this project is about to do me in!

    What I want to do is emboss or engrave images on vellum to inset in, say, cutouts in cards, in paper lanterns, any number of projects where the light will come through the vellum and show the white image.  Maybe with some piercing, but I’ll get to that later.  🙂

    I have a Zing Orbit.  I’m using 55# vellum (Vidalon from Canson).  I’ve tried both the engraver and the embosser. The engraver makes very thin lines.  I suppose an offset or something will make them more pronounced?  I like that the engraver doesn’t stretch the paper like the embosser does.  Maybe that’s the way to go, as long as you can keep it from cutting all the way through.  I’ll keep playing with that.

    But I would also like to be able to use the embosser successfully, too.  Here are the issues I’m having:

    • the vellum/paper/whatever slips around on the pad of shelf-liner
    • If I put enough spray adhesive on the shelf liner to make it sticky enough, I get residue on the back of the stuff I’m cutting.  No good if it’s going to be visible from both sides.
    • I tried lining up the pinch rollers so they would hold the vellum in place, but the shelf liner doesn’t go under the pinch roller well.  As the roller moves the mat, the shelf liner buckles up and distorts the image. I had better luck setting the pinch rollers outside the edges of the shelf liner — but the paper needs to be firmly stuck down for that to work.
    • Maybe I’m using the wrong kind of shelf liner?  The kinds I found mentioned on-line seem to have been discontinued.  I bought Duck Brand 284149 Solid Grip Easy Liner Shelf Liner with Clorox from Amazon.  That’s not what I meant to buy — probably clicked the wrong button — but that’s what they shipped.

    It would sure be nice if KnK offered an embossing mat:  springy material the right density, with a sticky surface and — bonus points for this — a grid for lining up your work.  That would be awesome.

    But since those marvelous jewels are somewhere out with the pink unicorns, if you could get me pointed in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

    btw – I’m loving my cutter.  This is my first dabble in the world of digital cutting.  My head is swimming with ideas.  Can wait to try them all!


    If you don’t need to cut the vellum, then you don’t need the adhesive. Just tape the corners of the vellum to the shelf liner or to the mat itself.

    Also, note that SCAL has a Line Fill feature whereby you can fill in shapes. This will tape some experimentation to get just the right fill settings and “cut” settings, but should yield some beautiful results on the vellum.

    I have tested several embossing mats by other cutter companies and didn’t find any of them to work as well as the smooth shelf liner or even just craft foam.

    Oh… just thought of another feature in SCAL that might work well for your needs. There’s a Center Point mode where by, when set your origin, your shapes will be centered around that origin. This feature works really well when you have precut shapes, such as an insert for a card or lantern.


    Excellent!  I’ll try the tape and center point mode when I get home this afternoon.  And the line fill.  I’ll post my results tonight.  Thanks for your help!


    You’re welcome!  Feel free to post any more issues.  Looking forward to your results.  🙂


    Success!  Engraving went perfectly when I added inner and outer shadows. I embossed with the same image — including inner and outer shadows — with:

    • shelf liner on the mat
    • vellum well-taped to shelf liner on edges, not just corners
    • pinch rollers running beside — not on — the shelf liner
    • small end of embossing tool
    • Height:  20 post-its; speed:  10; pressure:  60; Passes:  1
    • Origin point:  center

    Thanks for your help!embossed_vellum


    Thank YOU for the feedback, photo and providing the settings. I’ll get these added to our suggested settings for embossing this particular vellum.  : )

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