Image is broken when uploading to C3

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    I made a simple group of shapes with text and svg images to cut. I want to cut these shapes so i put the text and images on a separate layer to line them up with reg marks and printed it. Then i deleted the layer with images and text and left the shapes and reg marks so i could cut along those shapes. The second image is all i’m trying to upload and the shape’s paths are simplified through inkscape. When i upload it this is what i get. Any suggestions?


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    Did you design this all in Inkscape in the first place?  If so, then email that SVG file to  If you started with a different program, then please post what that was.



    The solution was to copy/paste everything into a new file.  This happened one other time and I’m not sure what corrupts the original. But at least there’s an easy solution.   I emailed you the new one. I tested it and it seemed to work fine.


    Madeleine Hall

    I design in SCAL and the first one I did didn’t have a photo of it either? How was this fixed? Thanks for all you do!



    Email both the .SCUT and the .SVG versions to me.  My email is



    I’m currently playing with a script that would take any SVG and “normalize” it for use with Force. If I get it right, I’d post it here but will also send it to KNK team so they can embed it into the software (we’ll talk about compensation later 😉

    Force seems to be pretty picky when it comes to SVG standards, and issues I’ve seen so far:

    • image doesn’t load in the preview at all
    • partial image loads in the preview
    • image loads in the preview, but with some additional margins (not where you put it, but somewhere else – possibly pushing part of the image off the virtual paper)
    • image is loaded nicely, but paper size is wrongly interpreted, leaving part of the image outside of working area)
    • image loads up nicely in preview, but cut has long vertical cuts

    Most issues occur from complex or unnecessary SVG constructs (multi-paths, comments, empty or hidden objects) that should be gracefully handled by any SVG interpreter, but manage to confuse Force.

    So far, creating new document in Inkscape and pasting only necessary objects helps in most but not all cases.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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