Is MTC Plugin still being developed? Taking feature requests?

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    I use a KNK Maxx primarily to cut medium weight chip board.

    I have honed the process to a series of passes where I do multicuts at increasing force, and decreasing speed to basically slowly score complete cuts.

    What would be great is if I could program in my process as a macro.

    Basically, in the same job, I’d like to say–

    1. cut project at F:16, S:200, 4 passes

    2. cut project at F:32, S:150, 4 passes

    3. cut project at F:64, S:100, 4 passes

    4. cut project at F:128, S:100, 4 passes

    5. cut project at F:192, S:100, 2 passes

    This is kind of the thing that i would like to set up as a macro, press go, and walk away for a while.

    Is this possible somehow already, and I just don’t know about it?

    Darrel Farris

    Hi Jonathan,

    The plugin is developed by Make the Cut, so they’d be the ones to implement any feature requests.  There haven’t been any significant updates or bug fixes to MTC or the plugins in awhile, but I think user feedback can be a good motivator and you should consider posting in their forum or submitted a ticket there.

    You might consider submitting the same feature request to SCAL as they’re actively developing their product.

    Adding presets for your settings within the existing plugin could add some efficiency, though it falls short of fully automating it.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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