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    My husband purchased a KNK Force for me sometime in December of 2016.  It worked initially; but for some reason one day it stopped working . . . Ever since that day, we have spent hours and hours trying to troubleshoot the problem.  We are both fairly tech savvy and my husband is a software developer for over 30 years.  He has a ton of experience in software design and development; and works for a company that manufactures 3D X-Ray Microscopes.  He has even designed a couple of 3D Printers using open designs.  So . . . he’s a real tetchy and can solve just about ANY problem.  This has been a real challenge, uber time consuming and a great disappointment.  I had the same kind of problems with the Pazzle Cutter too.  It seems that there is a real lack of quality and cohesiveness between the software and cutting machines.  Unfortunately, I agree with “kristyjhicks” in that these cutters are not well supported and certainly not worth the money.  We cannot recover the money or time spent/wasted on trying to get this cutter to operate correctly.  This is simply “unacceptable.”  It’s very unlikely that this company can grow selling “unreliable electronic cutting machines.”  I have stayed away from the Cricut Cutters because of the expensive “image/font cartridges.”  However, maybe I will reconsider because they sell a very reliable line of electronic cutters.  They are also a “highly visible” company in the crafting arena; or maybe I will take the plunge and purchase a “commercial grade” electronic cutter.  Either way, I am sadly disappointed with the quality of this electronic cutter . . .

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