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    hi sandy,

    i have recently been using inkscape and noticed that the quality of my printing (pnc) is better with inkscape.   and although i have scal5, i prefer cutting in c3.  after following the instructions in the manual and uploading to c3, the program uploads and indicates that it is saving to memory, yet it does not.  i know that c3 works with inkscape ver 9.1, but i just downloaded the current version of inkscape (1.0.1) , so i do not have that older version. i would think others are using the current inkscape and hope there is a way to print with inkscape 1.0.1 and cut with c3.  (by the way i tried saving my inkscape file as a svg and importing to scal5, but it resizes my documention down by .1.  trying to resize the document doesnt work with my pnc.). as always, thank you sandy.


    Unfortunately, so many changes were made in Inkscape 1.0 that it’s SVG files will not load into C3. You have two options:

    (1) Use the older Inkscape 0.91 (I can’t recall if 0.92 works or not)

    (2) Continue using Inkscape 1.0 for printing, but then import your SVG file into SCAL for cutting. If you have issues with it working correctly, feel free to email me or reach me on Facebook at

    We’ll get it working!  🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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