KNK Force freezing problem

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    Hello, I have a problem with my new KNK Force – the device isn’t working properly. I used svg exported from illustrator for my first cuts (maybe 5-6 cuts) and everything was fine, but to be sure that my export settings are good I checked the manual. Now I’m using SVG from to eliminate the possibility of 3rd party file issues. I was advised to check the cable connetions. I removed right side panel and checked all the cable connections and most of them are glued so I think it’s ok. I pushed to the end the second end of cable circled in the manual (appendix A) because there was a little space, but I think it was not the cuase of my problem (Should I check the left side panel too?). I also tried to install C3 on new SD card. Nothing helped. When I turn on the device the holder sometimes returns to the starting position (right side), and sometimes not. Everytime when there should be a movement along the Z axis (for example when changing tool or cutting) it stops and I can hear the cooling fun. If I gently press the left or right tool holder it’s making next step and stops again when it requires movement along the Z axis. I think that the stepper motor is ok, because it works sometimes. Some advice?


    Darrel Farris

    It could be a failed motor control board.  Can you open a support ticket and paste your message in there so we can get it to one of the techs?  Thanks!



    Thanks for replay. I’ll open a support ticket. I think you’re right, it can be a problem with motor control board, because the stepper motor behaves like it has not enough power to run. I can hear a specific short sound when the signal reaches the motor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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