KNK Maxx Air 15" pauses, continues briefly then stops!

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    Hello everyone;


    I have recently purchased a used KNK Maxx Air 15″ and have been enjoying having a cutting machine – they are amazing! After a couple of days of cutting, however, it has started acting oddly.


    I am using SCAL4 on MacOS and am connecting via USB.


    I set the origin on the machine, load up the design in SCAL4, tell it to cut – in either WYSIWYG or origin mode, no difference – and the machine will cut about three quarters of the design then pause for about twenty seconds. After that time it starts up again for about three seconds, at which point it stops altogether and the on-cutter LCD screen goes back to the default menu. The blade does not lift back up at that point, either – I have to power the unit off to get the blade to lift away from the paper. The SCAL4 software doesn’t seem to know about any issues and the blue bar continues to crawl across the screen until it tells me that the data has been sent to the cutter, same as when it cuts successfully.


    I have been Googling what to do here and a lot of the responses are based on MTC and it’s data rate – there don’t seem to be any settings on SCAL4 in that regard. I have tried changing the cutting speed from one end of the scale to the other and a variety of points inbetween to no avail. Powered off and on, removed cables, no change.


    It’s not that it is going too far to the left, either – this happens with a design that’s about 8″ in diameter placed in approx. the center of the machine.


    Help! I have a dozen things that I was wanting to cut for the weekend and I am just wasting paper currently.

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    Please email your file to me and I’ll test it myself on my Maxx Air using my Mac.  My email is

    In the meantime, we always recommend keeping drivers up to date, especially if you are keeping your Mac OS up to date. So, you might want to try that, just in case. Unplug your MA from your computer, download and install the 1.1.4 driver from the link below (scroll down to the table to find the Mac driver) and then after installing reboot your Mac and plug in your MA.  Note in the right column of that table is another recommended app to install. Maybe do that as well. It’s probably not necessary since your Mac IS cutting from SCAL. But I just did it anyhow, to be sure.   🙂



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