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    Chad Youngblut

    On rare occasions, the Maxx will not be properly recognized by the PC Operating system. To ‘help’ the PC along, you can manually update the driver. You may download the most recent driver installation from in the driver section. Either the VCP or the D2XX driver installation executable will suffice, as both are in one executable. When you run this executable, it will place the drivers in C:\Windows\sytem32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ (for Windows 7). Now you can right click the unknown device and choose to update the driver software, and then choose browse my computer and send the browser to the location mentioned above. Windows can now use the proper driver, and you should be able to see the USB Serial Com port listed under ports.


    I set the driver properly but MTC warn me about im not online. Im using KNK Maxx 24′ and i cant see any ACS letters on my machine’s lcd panel. Do i have to see those letters?
    I need support. I havent been using the machine since i bought it. Its very important please pay attention!

    Chad Youngblut

    Hi Omer,

    Power off and power on the cutter and you will be on the home screen.

    Did you try installing the drivers via the link above?

    As for your connection, go to the device manager and look to see if USB Serial pops up under “Ports”. If it doesn’t show, try running the FTDI driver again, and make sure to right click and run as administrator.

    Let us know how this works out for you!


    This is probably a stupid question, but how do i start a new question here?


    Chad Youngblut

    Hi Carl,

    To create a new thread, first make sure you’re logged in. Next, you must be in a specific category. For example, you could go to:

    Computerized Cutting Systems and Supplies – KLIC-N-KUT › Forums › Cutters & Equipment › KNK MAXX, Groove-e & Eagle.

    At the bottom of this page, you’ll see an option create a new thread. If you were just on:

    Computerized Cutting Systems and Supplies – KLIC-N-KUT › Forums › Cutters & Equipment

    You would not be able to create a post. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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