KNK Zing cutter problems!!!!!


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    I have either just bad luck or this machine is poorly built!  I ordered the cutter and records should show I received it and the adaptor plugin in the back of the machine was broken (pushed in) so I called and they replaced with another (which I appreciate), but the replacement must have been a refurbished one, nothing seems to want to work right on the machine.  The arm which controls the rod that holds down the vinyl has always been very hard to move, so I would have to use something like a hammer to adjust it.  Also, now the on/off button is stuck in the d0wn position and to turn off I have to unplug it from the back of the machine and to turn on I have to use the weeding tool to poke the on switch, which is dangerous with it being electrical!!!! oh aggravating!!!!  If I had known I would have this much difficulty I would have bought another brand…..I need this for my business and it is aggravating when I need to make something I’m afraid something else will go wrong.  I hope I can get this resolution to this. I cant ever talk to someone live so I am using this forum.  I own Magnolia Memories Boutique which is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Customers are not afraid to rate or comment on my business, so I shall do the same on all of my social media if this is not resolved. I filled out an RMA, but little worried to just send off for repairs.  I would like to talk to someone about this issue.


    Carol Allison,



    Chad Youngblut

    Hi Carol,

    I will personally reach out to you by phone, today.

    Talk soon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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