KNKMAXX Cutting wrong size

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    Good morning,

    I was given a KNK Maxx. Now my problem is when I print a design and want the cut the outline, it cuts much smaller than the printed design. I have done manual calibration and all figures match up. What am I doing wrong?


    So you have successfully performed the sizing calibration where you drew a 10″ square?  And then also did the arrow calibration where you printed out arrows and adjust the laser light location with your blade holder tip?

    What software are you using?  Also, if you cut your design without using the print and cut option…say just use WYSIWYG, does it cut the design at the size that it says in the software?

    I’ll probably need to see some photos and possibly your file. You can post them here or you can email them to me at


    Hi Sandy, thanks for your reply. I use KNK Studio, no I could not do the arrow calibration because I need a calibration sheet.

    I don’t use a print and cut option. I import my print file into KNK Studio and then I import my contour line file into KNK Studio. Onces both color and contour designs are in KNK Studio then I press print and then print the design. When that’s done I use the scissors and cut the contour with the KNK.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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