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    Chad Youngblut

    The Slic3r profiles for the KNP3D have been updated and are available here:


    I’ve got to sort out profiles for the new version of Simplify3D.
    Hmm, was going to attach working profiles for earlier verisons that I’m still using until I get the time to really look at the new profile format.

    But buggered if I can find anywhere to attach or upload them.

    Chad Youngblut

    Hi CA,

    The new forum setup does not have a direct upload feature build in. You would need to upload elsewhere and provide a link here. Sorry about that! I’m trying to keep things “light” on the new forum.

    If you’d like, I could upload it and make it available. Up to you!


    Hi Chad,

    I have 4 of the Klic N Kut 3D Printers and are having issues trying to get spare parts in a timely manner. Can you please tell me where I can order spare parts.
    Some of the parts we will need are:
    Thermocouple (the wires have melted on 2 machines, and the connection broke on 2 others – delicate when trying to remove the extruder head for cleaning)
    x-axis limit switch wiring loom – the wires have a habit of breaking in the section where they are stuffed into the cable channel. All 4 machines have suffered this problem.
    Extruder heads and PTFE tubes – taking them off for cleaning, would be great to have spares so we can limit down time.
    Thanks in Advance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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