Looking to buy a used KNK Force

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    Hi everyone,

    I want to buy a KNK Force.  Since it looks like they will be out of stock for awhile, I’m looking for someone who’s looking to sell a used one.  Preferably someone in the U.S.




    My name is Sam Duffy. I have a Force “F1501” refurbished along with :

    Rotary Tool, 1/16 end mill , SCAL4 , fstandard , fthick ,fguide ,fpt ,chipbd12 , f1515r , sque , fen , fbbh, fybh , and ffabric.

    Great tool , but not for what I wanted to do.  My needs are a 3 d CNC router.

    I wish to sell the entire lot for $ 750.00 USD  , this is not negotiable.

    I am located in South New Jersey USA.  The tool has 15 minutes of time on it , long enough to find it was a wrong choose for me.

    Buyer pays for shipping and packing what every my costs are.

    Sam Duffy Cell 856 520 0314.





    Thanks, but that’s about new price, since the SCAL4 can’t be transferred.   I’m looking for a cheaper price since I won’t be getting a warrenty.



    Hi mcgiver2/Sam,

    I am located in South Jersey area and would love to buy your Force & accessories.

    I sent a txt message to the cell number you shared and will give in a call and see if I can reach you.

    If I don’t get through to you and you are still interested in selling you can reply to this forum or email me at 8g08sq3m0u4b@opayq.com





    What are you looking to spend?  I have a ‘supremely limited use’ machine that I may be looking to trade out of.  I’ve had it for a year, and the two times I’ve worked with it, I’ve realized it doesn’t want to play nice with my network setup and I don’t like doing ad-hoc since that takes my laptop offline.  It’s also more involved than I was hoping for.  Sadly, sort of looking for a job specific machine and will look for a dedicated vinyl cutter if I choose to get out of this one.





    Thanks for following-up Russ,

    but I bought Sam’s machine so
    so I’m good.



    1. Im looking to sell my knk force.. it has been used very few times

    whats included:
    KNK Force machine
    Power adapter
    Ethernet cable
    WiFi adapter (installed)
    Blade holder
    ( 3 units )12″ x 12″ no sticky cutting mat
    Embossing tool
    Test pen
    Red blade
    Knk force mat guides (left and right)
    Printed user guide

    Im from texas and im looking for 550 and buyer pays shipping costs.. if any interested please contact me



    I’ll post this link on FB for you… assuming you’re not already on Facebook.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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