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    I’ve been having cutting issues, and I think I’ve traced it down to a warped mat.  I see you like Messy Mats.  What adhesive do you use to make them sticky?  Aileen’s Tack It Over and Over?


    For the most part, you can use ANY repositionable adhesive.

    For me personally, it depends on what materials I’m cutting. If I’m cutting Mylar or magnet sheets or something else that doesn’t tend to leave a residue, then I stick with Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over because it tends to hold materials really well because you can make the mats stickier, when needed. But I also use it on my older mats… not the Messy Mats.

    On the Messy Mats, my favorite now is Scotch 77 which doesn’t feel sticky to touch but holds paper and cardstock REALLY well without needing to brayer it down. You just have to remember to remove everything after cutting (don’t leave materials on overnight) and keep your pinch wheels off the material.  But otherwise, right after cutting, I find that it releases paper and cardstock cuts much easier than with Aleene’s.   Also, never add Scotch 77 to a mat with another adhesive… it gets too sticky!

    This being said, everyone has their own preferences AND climate. I live in Phoenix… ridiculously dry and I find that Aleene’s dries out rather quickly, as do the adhesives that come on mats.  So, another reason why I’m a fan of Scotch 77… it doesn’t seem to dry out in the same way.


    Very complete & thoughtful response!  Maybe my troubles with adhesives being too sticky are due to living in the humid south.  I actually already have a can of Scotch 77.  I’ll give it a go.  Thanks!

    You are awesome, by the way.  I’ve seen other forum members give you grief from time to time, but I truly do appreciate you and your knowledge.

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