Multi-cut skewing of MAXX Air but only on long passes

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    Trying to decide if I just need to give up here.  I am cutting 0.02″ PETG sheet on 24″ MAXX Air with design being about 45cm x 97cm on the sheet.  I am getting terrible skewing, but only at the end of the cuts when it outlines the entire piece.  It seems mostly on the long Y axis.  As you can see in these photos for the middle of the piece cutouts it does just fine.  Using red blade, 150 force, speed 35, 10 pass cuts.  The smaller circles and rectangles are 2-5 cm in diameter.  I am not cutting thru onto mat below (another piece of 0.02″ PETG), and in fact not quite making it thru the bottom of the first sheet.  If I push I can get the cut pieces to pop out after it is cut so its pretty close.  The two PETG pieces are secured together by Krylon EasyTac.  So whats different about the small cutouts which are fine versus the large cutout which is most definitely not.  Well, the final outline (which is where all the screw ups seem to be happening) are 10 passes going around a 45 x 97 cm square essentially.  It would seem that is some positioning error that creeps in on each pass.  I do have resolution set to 1.009 Y and 1.007 X-axis since on single pass I was on getting the dimensions correct when it was just 1:1.  Any thoughts about how I fix this ?  I have read the forum and tried all the tricks, but really can’t go any lower force because already doing 10 passes and barely making it thru.  I am only using the two outside pinch rollers and they are correctly positioned.  I do not have the support tables that go with the Air, it is on a wood floor with enough space to move the large piece back and forth. My only thought is to actually create a support skeleton on the outside of the piece so that doing the final outline of the piece is a series of smaller rectangles, and then I would cut off the support structure shell around the outside (kinda like what one does for 3D printing).Oddly, at least some of the 10 passes came out OK and aligned since one doesn’t see 10 separate skew traces.IMG_0318IMG_0319IMG_0317



    Skewing results any time a blade is being forced through a material faster than the blade can actually cut it.  “Something” has to give and it’s usually the mat.   I can suggest a few things:

    (1) At that force, you should be able to cut 0.02″ PET-G on a Maxx  Air in 2 passes.  This suggests that your blade must be really dull at this point. So, that’s the first thing I would change.

    (2) Are you removing the plastic protection layer on the top and the bottom? I have always left it on the bottom while cutting as a way of adding more stabilization.  If a material is stabilized it tends to cut clean more easily. Otherwise, the plastic can be pulled away from the adhesive on the mat and that will, for sure, keep the material from cutting.

    (3) If you WERE to use the bolt-on metal tables, then you can control skewing by buying magnets like the ones at the link below and aligning them on the left side of the cutting mat. The right side of the mat would then be aligned with the inside of the right end cap. We have customers who have successfully done this.



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