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    Wondering if anyone here can put me in touch with Customer Service.  We ordered a Zing Orbit 24″ mid-July, and it turned out that they ran out of stock, so we just got the unit this week on 8/21.  The unit appears not to be new but refurbished as there are obvious signs of use.  Also, they did not ship us the flatbed tables that come with the 24″ Orbit.  I have called them several times, left messages, and also put in two support tickets now but no one is returning calls.  Is this normal for KNK?  Not getting off to a good start here…





    Hi there. I spoke with Chad and he should be contacting you shortly to address your concerns and issues.


    Best Regards


    Hi Lanela,

    Its been almost 1 month since this issue was raised, and we still do not have side tables nor a replacement cutter that was admittingly used and new brand new.

    Chad Youngblut

    Hi Marc,

    I just responded to your ticket. We’ll get you squared away ASAP.


    Well, its been several months and no action from KNK.  I have an admission from the owner saying they did indeed sell me a used unit, and I never received the feed tables and don’t expect to at this point.

    I received a message from “snowjohn1106” saying “Its been almost 1 month since this issue was raised but I have got some solution here if you want to go there your issue will definitely solve”

    snowjohn1106, are you a KNK employee?  how can you help me?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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