New KNK 3D Printer – Unpack and setup

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    Mark Abreu

    Just unboxed mine and have some installation questions.

    There’s a bag of small parts including 2 short, plastic tubes. I’ve found no reference to them in the manual. What are they for?

    In the same bag there are 2 small set screws. What are they for?

    It appears my printer was tested before it was shipped as there is some 3D printed object attached to the plate. Is this normal? I know I have to try to leave the tape on the bed but there’s something else on top of the tape that the object is printed on. Being a 3D printer newbie I’m not sure whether that part of the printing surface should be removed or stay?

    Chad Youngblut

    Hi Mark,

    The small tubes are replacement teflon tubes for the print head. These do need to be replaced once in awhile. The constant heat causes them to swell, over time.

    There are some extra fasteners in that bag. However, 2 of the screws are for mounting the print head.

    We always do a final print on the machine before sending it out. That’s what you’re seeing on the build plate. We leave it on there so you can see that something has been printed on the machine.

    That small piece of tape that you see on top of the Kapton tape serves 2 purposes: 1: it allows you to peel it off (or use it, if you like) without damaging the unused Kapton. 2: It created extra strong adhesion for the part to the build plate.

    I hope this helps!


    Mark Abreu

    Yes that helps a bunch! Thanks for the response!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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