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    I have, and have used two Zings for years with MTC. One set up for vinyl and one for vinyl PNC. I was sold on the idea of the laser scanner in the Orbit which looked to be MUCH easier and less time consuming with PNC than Make the Cut calibration for PNC. My fear was, Could we use the hundreds of AI files already created?

    I was told before buying the new orbit, yes, I could use my AI docs printed out of Illustrator? After two days of back and forth with this, I’m totally confused.

    I think now it wants me to export the existing files as a PDF, then import them into SCAL then print them? To begin with this is a really cumbersome process MUCH more complicated compared to just typing Command P.

    More importantly though, color accuracy is VITAL to what I do and converting to PDF then printing from SCAL yields terrible color shifts. We spent a good deal of time setting up color profiles for our printers and they print pretty much dead on.

    I can print my AI docs with registration marks but they are traditional marks which go away from the outside parameters of the design and are very thin. SCAL prints marks with legs that go inward, sometimes into the design itself??? The corners of the registration marks printed from SCAL do not line up with the art work parameters. It looks like the ends of the lines of the reg marks might align.  But if I’m to make them in AI, how long, thick etc should I make them? Man this has gotten complicated to the point the laser isn’t worth the trouble.

    Any Ideas?

    In MTC I used 4pt dots which align with the four outside corners.
    I’m lost and confused.


    I’m here to help and I want to reassure you that SCAL can do anything that MTC can do with regards to importing your files from AI and successfully doing a print and cut. We just need to get onto the same page.  I think the best way to start is to outline the exact steps you used in MTC to accomplish what you needed.  Then I will translate that same exact process into “SCAL” language for you.  It would also help if you sent me a typical file you would have used with MTC so that I can make sure I’m on board with your steps.  🙂  My Email address is smccauley45@cox.net.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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