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    Rebecca Scott

    I am right that the KNK Force does not have any way to pause a job without canceling it? I haven’t found a way to do so, which surprises me as I thought this was a pretty basic feature of my older cutting machine…

    If there is a way to pause a job, could someone please tell me how? Thanks!


    Darrel Farris

    Hi Rebecca, a pause feature is planned for the Force in a future software update.  Of the current models, only the Maxx Air has a pause feature currently implemented.  You can cancel a cut in process via C3, but SCAL takes a bit before it takes effect.

    If there’s an emergency type situation and you need to cease cutting immediately, the best way to do that is to pull the power adapter plug from the right side of the Force to shut it off.


    Rebecca Scott

    Thank you! I am glad to hear that there is at least one planned for the future…the pause function on my older cutter is a pretty basic function that I have relied on frequently to fix things going wrong without completely losing a job. I didn’t realize the Force couldn’t pause when I bought it, so that has been one of my big disappointments. Any idea on when this function will be available?



    I would also find a pause feature to be extremely useful, and am interested to know when it might be implemented

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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