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    Hi, I’m a fairly new Force user and have some questions about the proper pinch wheel locations when cutting.  I’ve set up following the manual, using 2 pinch wheels that are positioned under the 2 right- and left-most grey “overhead” rectangles, and over the correspondingly placed outer 2 grit wheels.

    My concern is that this set up seems to mean that, the pinch wheels always must travel over a sticky, interior part of the mat.  With my red mat centered, wheels in this position straddle the 1″ and 14″ vertical lines, resulting in 12.5″ of horizontal space between the wheels’ inner edges.

    My first question is, of course, whether I have the above right, or whether I’m missing something (it wouldn’t be the first time!)

    Second, I’m concerned about the effects of the wheels constantly running over the sticky surface.  Since I cut fabric, I keep the mat *very* sticky.  Do the wheels pick this up?  What would be the effect on my cuts, as well as the longevity of the wheels?  I’m partly keying off of various web videos that I’ve watched about mat care–these always stress the importance of masking off the non-gridded, side edges of the mat when re-sticking, to avoid getting glue there.  I did that and then realized that my wheels run over glue nonetheless.

    Third, does this pinch wheel positioning mean that something less than 12.5″ is the maximum width of shapes that the Force can cut?  And, is something less than 12.5″ the practical best limit on the materials put into the Force to cut, so the wheels don’t ride on top of the material?  If so, I would appreciate knowing, but must also say that this would be disappointing to me.  I had thought–perhaps erroneously–from reading about the Force and seeing the 15″ wide grid on the mat, that the limit was 15″.

    Lastly, if one wanted to use the whole 15″ gridded area of the red mat, and position the pinch wheels along the non-gridded borders, off the grit wheels underneath, what would likely happen?  Are there any settings that might at least partially compensate for the pinch wheels not being on top of the grit wheels?

    Thanks much (sorry this is so long),






    rather than over the non-sticky mat side borders?   I’m concerned about  Does this mean that the wheels always pick up glue as the machine cuts?  Does the  glue on the wheels lead to cut inaccuracies?  .  Further, in this position, the horizontal distance between the inner edges of the 2 grit wheels is only 12.5″.  Does this mean that the widest cut I can make is, say, only about 11.5″ (so that the cut isn’t too close to the wheels)?



    Hello Kate,

    From my part I put a band of paper on my mat following the track of the pinch wheel, because I noticed  that the stickiness may break the driving force and induce drifts.

    I can cut A3 format (paper, foam…) with 2 pinch wheels on both sides of the mat above the grit area of the driving axis.




    I’ve never had any issues with the adhesive coming off since switching to Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over but that could be because I live in Arizona and my mats tend to be drier due to the lower humidity here.  The bigger issue with cutting wider than the 12.5″ between the wheels on the Force tends to be the cutting depth changing due to the wheels compressing the material next to the wheels. That can usually be solved by using a lower BT on the blade holder and then increasing the CD/ED and sometimes the Passes.  That’s one of the reasons we now recommend that if you are cutting really wide projects, use a wide thin rectangle as a test before cutting to make sure you get a very clean cut across that full width.

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