Rotary tool mount holds down shaft lock

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    The photos in the PDF appear to have a different shaft lock button. On top of that, the rotary tool doesn’t allow the cutter bit to sit as deep as shown in the PDF. I have at least 1/2 inch of cutter exposed, which doesn’t allow the lock button to sit below the mount.

    I’m using the single flute 1/16″ end mill supplied with the rotary tool. I have remove the plastic collar to get it to sit a bit deeper in the rotary tool. (ref: )

    The shaft definitely doesn’t spin with teh button held down.

    Thankfully I have a 3D printer sitting next to the Force and I’m going to try to re-engineer the rotary tool holder to allow more room for that button. I’ll post a link to it here. It should be identical, except for the space between the green body of the tool and the locking screw that clamps it in place.







    No one using the rotary tool has reported this issue. Also, if you compare my photos, you’ll see that in the last one in that section, the rotary tool is mounted higher where by the lock button is NOT below the adaptor.   Thus, I had slipped the tool up higher when I actually got it mounted.  Sorry about that!

    You can also verify this by watching Darrel’s video here:





    My newly printed mount solved the problem nicely. I’ll post up some pictures tomorrow.


    Not a huge deal for me since I make design and make things all day, but it could be an issue for someone else.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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