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    Hello all,

    Just looking for input from owners of the KLIC-N-PRINT 3D printer.  I’m having a tough time finding reviews online about this machine, and generally not finding much of any info period.

    I came across this forum and thought I’d try to see if I could get some info here.

    I’m finally going to take the plunge and get a 3D printer.  I’ve been considering an i3 clone or a cheap kossel.  However I like the look and features of this machine but am wary due to the lack of info out there.

    Any help the owners of this machine could provide would be appreciated.


    Thank you.




    I’ve been blown away by the quality of this printer and the customer service.  I can’t believe the quality you get for the price.  I was looking for a sub-$500 printer and literally just stumbled on this machine. It’s much higher quality than anything else I’ve researched in the same price range.



    It definitely looks the part, I’m just concerned about the lack of info and the absence of evidence of an online community.

    Right now it seems to be almost too good of a deal to pass up.  Although it’s still more than the other devices I’ve been looking at, and even many of the “cheap” ones have many many reviews and extensive online communities.



    I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s a great value and a great printer, but there is definitely a lack of user support compared to other printers online.

    I will say that I have the printer and it prints great. However,  I tried to buy the Simplify 3D software and couldn’t get it to work properly and there was no support from either side or online to help me get it working properly within the trial period of the software so I had to return it.

    Slic3r does work well, but I do feel like Simplify 3D had the potential to provide better prints and unlike Slic3r, Simplify 3D had estimate time and material which I thought was very useful.

    I don’t think you could go wrong with buying this printer. It is a great value and does have lots of potential.



    By now you may have already made your purchase.  I bought the KlicNPrint 3D after owning the KNK Zing (die cutting machine) for years and loving the quality of that product.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong with KNK printer because of the service I have had (had lots of questions in the beginning) with my cutting machine.  After having it for 2 weeks I bought one for my dad.  Anyway, fast forward to now, 4 months in to owning the 3D printer.

    It is a great printer.  Just like any printer, you have to play with settings on some files more than others.  There have been a few tricks I got off from people on here about hair spray or painters tape on the build plate to keep small prints in place.  I had a bad filament (thicker than the others) that would clog it, but I figured out that if I run LOAD after a print until it runs, then UNLOAD, it will not clog.  All other filaments have been fine and I have 5 or 6 brands that I bought to see what I liked.  Wood filament has to be my favorite because it smells like nice wood burning when you print it.

    So as a total beginner to 3D printing, I have absolutely loved the printer.  I’m starting to design my own files now!  I am amazed at the price and have recommended it to many people I know.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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