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    When I trace a image ind SCAL4 pro, I don’t get a sharp smooth edge. I have tryed to ajust “smooth” and “details” but I still get rounded corners instead of nice and sharp corners. Why ? See picture below
    Below is a smaller text in SCAL4 PRO
    And the result when it comes out of my KNK maxx is this.. really not satisfying. Uneven thickness and a bit rough.


    I have tryed to do the square test, to se what makes the most perfect square, and my settings is as you can se below.


    That leads to my other question.. how thin lines is the KNK MAXX supposed to be able to cut ? 1mm, 2 mm ? I see other machines cut some pretty small and detailed things, and I’m not sure that my Maxx can do the same.



    It’s always best to recreate text versus trying trace it. The eye/brain is unforgiving when it comes to text and tracing programs can only recognize what they see in terms of pixels… they don’t inherently know that the corners should be sharp unless the resolution of the image is extremely high and then one can expect better results. But if this is a scan of small text, then no program is going to give you a result as good as using the same or similar font to type out fresh text.

    Regarding the accuracy of the cutting, the text should be no smaller than 1/4″ in height. It appears that yours is about that size, maybe a bit smaller.   It’s not so much the lack of the sharp corners, but the inconsistency in the thickness of various parts of the letters. They should be MUCH closer than that.  It seems that either the vinyl is being stretched or there’s something else causing this.  I recommend starting a support ticket using this link:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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