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    Hi all,

    We are in the final stages of researching the KNK Force, and are just making sure we can be operational quickly.


    We see the KNK USA site has a shop where we can buy materials, as the KNK UK shop has no such feature, I was wondering where to buy supplies at the best price.

    We see the KNK cuts thicker materials, so we are making sure there is a wide range of suitable materials available in the UK.

    I hope this question isn’t too trivial.


    Kind Regards



    One of the Force owners in the UK who has been very active in her use of the Force buys a lot of materials from Amazon. I’ll contact her to find out where else she has purchased items and then post back.  It may take a day but I will find out.


    Thank you Sandy, this will be an invaluable help…

    I am so impressed with the plotter community, Amazing!

    Really looking forward to joining in and sharing when I get up to speed with things

    Regards, J


    I got a response.  For most products, she goes to UK’s Amazon first because they are usually cheaper.  For example, she buys Papermania cardstock there. She has also bought cardstock at these two sites:×12-square-paper-card

    She bought vinyl on UK’s Amazon: note that for wall vinyl, you’ll want Oracal 631 since it can be removed. For decal vinyl, search on Oracal 651.

    For heat transfer vinyl, I see a lot of brands.  The Force will be able to cut any of them… just a matter of reading reviews to see which ones are good.

    I see that products by Grafix are readily available on your Amazon, as well.  I’ve tested their Shrink Film and various thicknesses of craft plastic.  This is the thickest that will cut with a blade:

    For chipboard, this is the thickest:

    Note that both of these products can be hard on blades… but are cuttable.

    One litmus test for any thicker material is to see if you can cut it by hand with a craft knife. If you can, even it takes multiple passes, then the Force will be able to cut it, as well.  If you cannot cut it by hand, such as hard acrylic, then you will need the rotary tool… and that will require cutting it in multiple passes at a very slow speed.  The maximum thickness on hard materials is ~ 5 mm.

    Hope this helps!





    Thank you Sandy,

    Your helpful reply helped us reach a decision YAY!

    We have just purchased a KNK Force with rotary tool, 2 extra holders, a fabric blade, punch, emboss, engrave tool and mat markers & SCAL Pro – PHEW…

    We love the fact that the community is so vibrant, and no question is too trivial. To be honest we are a bit frightened, but knowing others have walked this path before us, gives us the confidence to follow the brave.

    Once again, thank you for being so helpful, and we look forward to being part of this community.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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