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    Can anyone tell me the latest version of MTC please. I’ve  been using mtc with my trusty Zing for the last 6 yrs trouble free. However I fear that when I do get trouble with my setup I’ll be told that this software and the Zing machine are ready for the antiques roadshow and you will have to start over again with some latest equipment. Is this the case?



    Before you do ANYTHING, make sure you have your MTC reg code backed up somewhere safe. This is a number that begins with the letters “MTC” that was sent to you after you registered your MTC pin number originally. The pin number is worthless once you’ve registered, so that’s why having the reg number is all that matters. Here’s a link showing ways to recover your MTC reg number if you don’t have it backed up:

    Regarding the most recent version, it’s still 4.6.2.  The owner of MTC stopped working on his program five years ago, unfortunately.  If you’re on an older version than that you can download 4.6.2 here:

    If I can help you with anything else, let me know.  You should also take note of my MTC support page because I keep MTC info available there and you will be able to find a contact email for me, as well:

    Make The Cut (MTC) Support

    Let me know if you need anything else!







    I LOVE this program.  I HATE Design studio it is dumb .Is there anyone or anywhere I can find a mod or update to get it to control Silhouette 4 plus machine? MTC is so much better than anything else out there the svg ability is more accurate. the designing is more intuitive I need this I dont have time to transfer inaccurately to SVG then import it into the DUMB software before I can cut.  I just need a update I am sure I am not the only one out here and willing to pay or it because it is just better!!

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